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Life Zero Cabin Waste

Tackling international airline catering waste by demonstrating integral and safe recollection, separation & treatment

Iberia together with Ecoembes, Gourmet Gate (GG), Ferrovial, Biogas Fuel Cell (BFC) and ESCI-UPF are developing the Life + “Zero Cabin Waste” Project from September 2016 to December 2019.

The aim of this project is to improve the management of waste derived from the catering service of airplanes. Waste category 3 (generated on Community flights – within the European Union) and category 1 waste (generated on non-Community flights).

Throughout the project it is intended to study the different waste streams generated in the aircraft cabin, to propose minimization measures and to implement separation of residues (recoverable and non-recoverable fraction), as well as the collection and treatment of the different flows of waste.

Particularly concerning Category 1 waste (Cat.1), since the Spanish legislation only contemplates its destination to landfill or incineration, proposing a management that allows to apply alternative measures to the treatment of this waste.

In short, a procedure was developed that established the basis for sustainable waste management, with the least possible impact, analyzing the current management and the management proposal through life cycle analysis.

On this page you can find all the updated information throughout the 40 months of the project’s life and the results finally obtained.


Review of the status of project actions

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Last Friday, September 15th, all partners of the Zero Cabin Waste project met to plan and review the status of the actions to develop and see the status of the rest. In relation to the [...]

We have more communication material from the Zero Cabin Waste Project

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In addition to the poster made a few months ago, a leaflet of the project was created, following the same aesthetic of the informational poster with the aim of being easily recognized.This brochure is an [...]

Feedback of the cabin crew in the first tests of the separation protocol for Cat. 3 waste (community waste)

21 de August, 2017|0 Comments

For these tests the waste trolleys were divided into three compartments of equal size: recyclable packaging, non-recyclable and recyclable paper-cardboard.To facilitate the identification of the different compartments to the crew, the carts were labeled by [...]