Pere Fullana, director of the UNESCO Chair in Cycle of Life and Climate Change ESCI-UPF and Gonzalo Blanca, researcher of the Chair, will attend next month Sardinia_2017, the 16th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium , to be held in Sardinia on 2 -6 October

This is the 16th edition of this international symposium on waste and landfill management. This symposium was established so that ideas and experiences in the field of waste management and landfill are available to professional communities around the world. In the previous edition, attended by more than 700 delegates from 70 different countries.

The 2017 edition will focus, according to tradition, on advances of Waste Management science and technologies, presenting case studies and discussing key controversial subjects, sharing experiences from different countries, and assessing social and economical balances. The conference will include oral sessions and specialist workshops for a total of eight parallel tracks, parallel events, practical design workshops, business to business meetings, discussion forums, a continuously accessible poster session and a wide exhibition area

Pere Fullana will present the general lines of the ZCW Project in an oral communication, while Gonzalo Blanca will show the results of the characterizations of intra-community flights, carried out by Ecoembes in action A1, also in oral communication.

Pere Fullana
Gonzalo Blanca

Preliminary program of the symposium: