On December 1, an Off-Load Analysis of the food waste from the menus served on board began at Gate Gourmet facilities. This analysis consists of making counts of the food not consumed from the menus at the time of arrival of the flight. To do this, the content of the trays is checked and all the non-consumed foods, both Business and Economy class, are detected and recorded.

Previously, on November 29, a first test analysis was carried out with the menu trolleys from the flight from Shanghai – Madrid of Iberia. This test allowed to establish a protocol for data collection for the flights studied as of December 1, when new menus were introduced. To carry out this first test, the Gategourmet team was supported by colleagues from the Commercial Department, Bruce Faichney, and from the Operational Planning and Controlling Department, Troy Hunia.

The objective of these analyzes is to be able to adjust the menus of the Company based on the taste of the passengers, and determine which menu items could be eliminated, in order to save space, fuel, and generate less waste.

This type of analysis is aligned with the redesign strategy of Iberia menus, framed in action A2, which continues to work after laying the groundwork in the first phases of the project.