For this second test of waste separation on-board in 8 European Union flights, “Waste Trolleys” were used with a bucket divided into three compartments of different sizes, with the space being distributed as follows: 50% recyclable, 25% paper, 25% non-recyclable. These compartments were labeled following the color signs commonly used at national level: recyclable – mostly light packaging – = yellow, paper = blue, non-recyclable = gray.

Once the waste was arrived at Gate Gourmet facilities, the following aspects were assessed:

Quantity and quality of the separated waste

In business class, the following amount of waste has been collected:

  • Recyclable: between 0.66 and 2.00 kg.

  • Paper and cardboard: between 0.42 and 2.18 kg

  • Non-recyclable: between 0.62 and 1.54.

In economy class, the following amount of waste has been collected:

  • Recyclable: between 1.60 and 6.38 kg

  • Paper and cardboard: between 0.66 and 1.46 kg.

  • Non-recyclable: between 0.82 and 1.16 kg.

Regarding the quality of the separation, in general the crew has correctly separated the waste. Some residues incorrectly deposited have been observed:

  • Paper cups deposited in the Recyclables compartment, instead of Paper.

  • Cans, plastic cup and glass bottle deposited in Non-recyclable, instead of Recyclable.

  • Coffee / infusion bag, bread and mixed waste in a bag deposited in Recyclables, instead of Non-recyclable.

Comments of the crew

These have been the main comments received by the crew in relation to the ease of separation of waste with the new prototype:

  • It would be advisable to put a sticker on the lid of the opening of the trolley with the list of waste that goes in each compartment.

  • The trolley has a drawback of design, and to access all compartments you have to remove the trolley completely from the galley.

  • The tweezers used for the bags are not operational as they are not easy to put on and take off.

  • Many passengers, with the aim of collaborating, give their waste together, inside the coffee cup or all together in a closed plastic bag, which does not allow separation.

  • Doubts have arisen with some waste: plastic seals, paper bags, paper tablecloths, puzzles, drink removers.

  • The space of each compartment has been adequate.