Catering waste produced on international flights is considered Cat 1. waste. Current legislation at national level determines that this waste must go to landfill. One of the objectives of the ZCW project is to test an alternative treatment for this type of waste and demonstrate that the material obtained is safe for health and the environment.

Within project action B5, the construction of a prototype sterilizer – pasteurizer with a treatment capacity of 4 kg of biowaste per day is planned. The biowaste will be previously separated from Cat. 1 waste and will be introduced in the sterilizer-pasteurizer and later in the bio-digester, obtaining by a solid material, the digest, and biogas.

The pilot test will be led by BFC and will be carried out at Ferrovial facilities in Fuenlabrada. On December 20, BFC sent part of this prototype, the biodigestor, to Fuenlabrada. In the following months, the prototype will be completed and the treatment tests for Cat.1 waste will begin.