As presented on the website, the “Strategy More food, less waste” is an initiative of the previous Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Spain (MAPA), presented in 2013 to limit the losses and the waste of food and its impact on the environment.

As part of this strategy, the whole society (producers, final consumers, companies, associations, public administrations, etc.) is encouraged to contribute experiences in the field of food waste prevention to include them in a Catalog of Initiatives.

Zero Cabin Waste is included as an example of experience for its work to try to reduce 5% of waste generated in the aircraft cabin and recycle 80% of those that eventually occur.

As the results of the first phase of characterization showed, there is a high percentage of organic matter in the waste of the different types of flights. Specifically, 31% on domestic flights, 30% on European flights and 43% on international flights. In addition, one third of this organic matter is packaged food that has not been consumed.

Moreover, the Off-Load Analysis developed by Gate Gourmet allowed us to identify which products were not consumed, and ESCI developed a Guide of good practices with a series of recommendations to avoid food waste in the airlines. Among other recommendation, they stand out: include a children’s menu, choice of the menu in the online check-in to adjust the number of menus, or select products for sale on board with a long expiration date.