Gate Gourmet continues its OFF LOAD ANALYSIS (OLA) studies by periodically counting the different products loaded on the different flights that have not been consumed. At first, only food counts were carried out, but in recent months, the trolleys of the bar section (mainly drinks) have been included in these studies in order to obtain more accurate data, which will provide a more global view of the environmental and economic impacts derived from products not consumed on flights.

Specifically, in the bar section, the units of products such as soft drinks, wines, juices and even coffee packets that are discharged from airplanes are counted. Once annotated, they are compared with the initial number of each product, thus obtaining the products that have not been consumed and have returned to the catering. These data are entered into the OLA program and this returns several indicators by which you can see the cost and impacts associated with these products not consumed.

As with the count made for food, the goal is to see what products can be dispensable to save costs, fuel and reduce waste. In addition, unpopular items can be remove, adjusting the menus to the tastes of the passengers.

This type of analysis started within the preparatory actions of the Life project and they have been incorporated as a regular job within the catering company because of the valuable information they provide. This is undoubtedly one of the activities that will be part of the After-Life plan.