Last May, Alberto Garcia and Juan Fernando Martín from Gate Gourmet began training all the company’s personnel at the Madrid facilities to improve waste management.

Before the training, an internal study of the waste streams produced in the different departments was carried out, in order to later be able to carry out specialized training in each area, emphasizing how to correctly segregate the waste.

In addition, in the training sessions, the Life Zero Cabin Waste project is presented, explaining what it is, what it is intended and who is involved. As the separation on board is implemented, the personnel directly involved will receive more specific training in the Protocol of Separation and Collection of waste.

Given the large number of departments and work shifts, and the operation in Gate Gourmet, the training is done in small groups, this makes the training to last for several months, but it allows to transmit the key messages clearly. So far, about 300 employees have been trained from a staff of almost 1,000 employees.