During the last months Alberto Garcia and Juan Fernando Martín, technicians of the Life Zero Cabin Waste project, have carried out a series of training sessions to all Gate Gourmet staff with the aim of improving the management of the waste generated in the catering.

The results of these training programs have been seen quickly, with a notable improvement in the quality of waste segregation, especially in the areas of production where the greatest amount of internal catering waste is generated. In this sense, the changes in waste management and training have been very well received by the staff of Gate Gourmet.

With this last series of formations, the entire staff has already been trained. In addition, for the new employees, the Gate Gourmet welcome manual has been redesigned, indicating the necessary notions for proper waste management within catering. Reinforcement trainings will take place periodically to clarify possible doubts and collect suggestions.

Additionally, an annex on the Zero Cabin Waste project has been included in the welcome manual so that all employees are aware of the involvement of the catering in this project and the changes it has brought about in the way of working.

In the coming months, in which the bi-compartmented trolley will be implemented on national and European flights, the work of the project technicians will focus on ensuring that the separate recyclable and non-recyclable waste streams on board are properly managed upon arrival at the catering. The information on how to manage this waste will be reinforced when it arrives at the washing train to guarantee that it is deposited in the corresponding compactor.