Thanks to the feedback received from the crew in the different on-board waste separation tests, a new poster has been prepared including all the waste that generated doubts.

For example, in the Packaging section, more plastic containers have been included, such as single-use bags and small containers such as those used for milk. While in the section of Other waste have been included the tablecloths, safety seals, removers and mixed waste, among others.

In addition, through the nomenclature and the colors used, it is transmitted that the classification of waste on board is in line with what we do in our own homes, so it is easier to get used to separate also in the cabin.

This training material will be available for Iberia personnel in a poster format in the Crew lounge and on Iberia’s intranet in digital format. Thanks to this poster, together with other training materials, it is intended to facilitate the internalization of the new on-board waste separation and collection protocol.