The LIFE ZCW poster presented by Gonzalo Blanca to the Recuwaste Congress has won the Alfonso Maíllo Award for the best scientific poster. It has been chosen among more than twenty posters through the vote of those attending the congress.

Months before the celebration of the Recuwaste Congress a Call for papers was opened, through its website, so that experts, professionals, businessmen, university students, R & D centers, associations, administrations and organizations with the best innovations and disruptive ideas, initiatives, solutions or projects within the framework of waste management, could present their innovative proposals in the field of waste prevention and management.

Ruben Perales of Ferrovial, on the left, and Gonzalo Blanca of ESCI-UPF, on the right, next to the LIFE ZCW poster.
Gonzalo Blanca presenting the LIFE ZCW proposal in Recuwaste.

The best proposals were showed in the exhibition area of ​​Recuwaste posters during its celebration on October 8 and 9. The 3 best proposals, including the LIFE ZCW paper presented by Gonzalo Blanca of ESCI-UPF, were exposed in a 10 minute oral presentation at the Innovation Corner.

This presentation was attended by more than 30 people, who showed interest in the project raising different issues as if the menus are also being evaluated, if other categories of impact are analyzed in addition to global warming or what measures are being adopted for the waste prevention, among others.