Between October 16 and 20, the “International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment of Food 2018” (LCA Food 2018) took place in Bangkok, Thailand. This year’s theme, the eleventh edition, revolved around “Global food challenges towards sustainable consumption and production”.

Gonzalo Blanca, head of the LIFE Zero Cabin Waste Project at ESCI-UPF, made an oral presentation entitled “Improving the Airplane Catering Service”, on October 19, for approximately 40 attendees. The intervention lasted 15 minutes and focused on explaining the life cycle assessment study carried out on the menus served on board, specifically, the tableware used in the catering service.

The results of the study show the impact in terms of emissions of CO2 equivalent of the different elements used, both reusable and disposable, highlighting the stages of the life cycle where the greatest impact occurs.

Pere Fullana and Gonzalo Blanca, heads of ZCW at ESCI – UPF, with other ESCI-UPF colleagues and several organizers of the LCA Food 2018 Conference

Presentation of Gonzalo Blanca