During the last meeting of the LIFE Zero Cabin Waste Consortium held on November 21 in Barcelona, we had the opportunity to learn about the CERES project thanks to the presentation of Elodie Lemaire, one of the researchers that is developing it.

The Project CERES-ProCon, is a project framed in the National R&D Plan and has the objective of seeking production strategies and food consumption for the mitigation of climate change. This project is financed by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness through the State Research Agency and the European Regional Development Fund.

Representatives of CERES and LIFE Zero Cabin Waste at ESCI-UPF

Specifically, Elodie’s study focuses on the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), through life cycle analysis methodology (LCA), of menus and their relation to the nutritional qualities of it.

In this sense, it was proposed the collaboration between the two projects, CERES and Zero Cabin Waste, so that some of the menus prepared by catering airlines could be analyzed at nutritional and environmental level. This analysis would be included in CERES Project and would allow Zero Cabin Waste to obtain more data about the impact related to the airline catering service.