On January 30 a new follow-up meeting of the project took placed, attended by representatives from Iberia, Gate Gourmet, Ecoembes, Ferrrovial and ESCI –UPF, the latter through video call. This meeting was convened with a double objective; get to know the new team of Ferrovial and review the progress made in the last month and the next actions to be carried out.

Elda Rolan, Operations Manager, and Pablo Rodriguez, Organization and Project Technician, are the new incorporations in Ferrovial and will be responsible for the development of actions related to the treatment of Category 1 waste, in addition to providing support in the other actions in progress.

During the meeting, the following implementation actions were reviewed, mainly, the implementation of the protocol in international flights, the treatment tests with the organic waste of Category 1 and the options for the replication of the project in other airlines.

In addition, some of the indicators that are being measured were commented, such as the purity of the waste, measured through the characterizations, as well as the economic impact of the change in waste management, which will be studied through a LCC (Life-Cycle Cost Analysis).

Being in the last year of the project, the following months are key to finalizing the different actions planned to improve the management of cabin waste.