The waste is separated in the cabin of Iberia aircraft in recyclable (packaging and paper) and non-recyclable (other waste), and unloaded in the catering of Gate Gourmet. The staff removes the two different bags of the trolleys and deposits them in the compactors where the waste is collected.

On the one hand, the packaging and the paper is transported to a packaging sorting plant. In this plant, the waste is separated into different materials: PET plastic, HDPE plastic, plastic film, polypropylene plastic, steel, aluminum, cartons and paper-cardboard. These separated materials are then taken to different recyclers to obtain new raw materials or recycled products.

On the other hand, the  residual waste is also processed in a sorting plant to try to recover the recyclable waste that it may still contain. Although, in this case, the work of separation is more complicated, since it has a high content in organic matter. Finally, the remaining residue, if it contains a high content in organic matter can be composted, obtaining bioestabilized material.

Examples of products obtained from recycled material