On October 9, 2018, the separation of waste was implemented aboard Iberia’s short and medium-haul flights, specifically 20 flights per day. For this purpose, there were 20 waste trolleys with a modified inner bucket with a central bar that allowed to place two bags to classify the waste.

After several months, it has been possible to check the functionality of the new bucket, especially at the time of manipulation by Gate Gourmet staff when placing and removing the bags with waste. So, in the last few months, small modifications have been made to facilitate the operation, while ensuring the safety of workers.

The main change of the definitive model consists of the elliptical movement of the bar where the garbage bags are held. This makes possible a much simpler and safer manipulation by the personnel, and reduces the time of removal of the bags.

In addition, the new bucket is lighter than the previous one, which allows reducing the weight in the cabin as well as reducing the carbon footprint associated with fuel consumption.

In the coming weeks the production of this definitive cube model will start, so that selective collection will be progressively implemented in all Iberia’s national and European flights.

Opening the central bar to easily remove waste bags