Last October 3rd, the consortium submitted the LIFE Project ZCW for the nomination of the 2ndedition of The go! SDS 2020 Appreciations, what aims to recognize and support innovative projects that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

These global goals, which were adopted on September 25th 2015 by the UN General Assembly, set specific targets to be achieved over the next 13 years to ensure the prosperity of all, as part of a new Sustainable Development Agenda.

With this dynamic, every year, until 2030, 17 awards will be granted, one for each SDG, plus a special distinction from the jury for the best innovation among the 17 winners.

The “go! ODS” are organized by the Spanish Network of the Global Pact in collaboration with the Rafael del Pino Foundation, to select the best projects and initiatives. They are comprehended as a seal of value, granted by an entity of the United Nations system for its contribution to the implementation of the  Agenda 2030.