Gate Gourmet is a Company that makes part of gategroup. We are a global leader in catering services supply for Airlines.

We have more than 120 facilities in 28 countries, so that we can provide with a global offer in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. In Spain, we are located in Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga and we are more than 1100 employees.

We have received multiple awards and acknowledgements for our cooperation in a series of initiatives concerning waste management and recycling and that have been carried out in our Heathrow and Barajas working units, and we have also recently been awarded the Environment Management Prize granted by Madrid’s Regional authorities (Comunidad de Madrid) and AENA (Spanish airport authorities).

At Gate Gourmet Spain, we are strongly committed with environmental respect and we feel accountable for the impact we cause on our environment through the global process of airline catering, so therefore we are implementing a series of measures to minimise it, and to promote good practices in recycling, re-using and optimising resources and raising awareness in the employees.