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Finalizes the implementation of selective collection on Iberia flights

By |5 de June, 2019|Categories: Zero Cabin Waste Project|

From the end of May and over the month of June, a total of 500 new trolleys with two-compartment bins for waste separation will be received at the Gate Gourmet facilities. New trolleys for the [...]

Tracking long-distance flights waste management

By |27 de May, 2019|Categories: Zero Cabin Waste Project|

Following the implementation, on April 1, of good practices in long-haul flights to carry out the selective collection of waste on board, a series of monitoring characterizations have been carried out to evaluate the quality [...]

Press release for the International Recycling Day

By |21 de May, 2019|Categories: Zero Cabin Waste Project|

Coinciding with the International Day of Recycling, which is celebrated on May 17, Iberia has launched a press release and an advert in different radios to disseminate the implementation of the LIFE Zero Cabin Waste [...]

Participation in the Sustainable Cabin Forum 2019

By |14 de May, 2019|Categories: Zero Cabin Waste Project|

Next Thursday, May 16th, will take place the conference The Sustainable Cabin Forum 2019. The challenge of Single-use Plastic and Catering Waste in Lisbon (Portugal) and part of the Zero Cabin Waste team will [...]

Implementation of separation on board on international flights

By |3 de April, 2019|Categories: Zero Cabin Waste Project|

Since April 1, long-haul Iberia flights (flights with international destinations with a duration of more than 8 hours) have selective waste collection on board.The cabin crew has incorporated a series of good practices to classify [...]