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Finalizes the implementation of selective collection on Iberia flights

By |5 de June, 2019|Categories: Zero Cabin Waste Project|

From the end of May and over the month of June, a total of 500 new trolleys with two-compartment bins for waste separation will be received at the Gate Gourmet facilities. New trolleys for the [...]

Press release for the International Recycling Day

By |21 de May, 2019|Categories: Zero Cabin Waste Project|

Coinciding with the International Day of Recycling, which is celebrated on May 17, Iberia has launched a press release and an advert in different radios to disseminate the implementation of the LIFE Zero Cabin Waste [...]

Participation in the Sustainable Cabin Forum 2019

By |14 de May, 2019|Categories: Zero Cabin Waste Project|

Next Thursday, May 16th, will take place the conference The Sustainable Cabin Forum 2019. The challenge of Single-use Plastic and Catering Waste in Lisbon (Portugal) and part of the Zero Cabin Waste team will [...]

Implementation of separation on board on international flights

By |3 de April, 2019|Categories: Zero Cabin Waste Project|

Since April 1, long-haul Iberia flights (flights with international destinations with a duration of more than 8 hours) have selective waste collection on board.The cabin crew has incorporated a series of good practices to classify [...]

Latest modifications of the bucket for selective collection on board

By |25 de March, 2019|Categories: Zero Cabin Waste Project|

On October 9, 2018, the separation of waste was implemented aboard Iberia's short and medium-haul flights, specifically 20 flights per day. For this purpose, there were 20 waste trolleys with a modified inner bucket with [...]

Presentation of the Thesis Plan. “Life cycle analysis of cabin waste management in the aviation sector”

By |1 de March, 2019|Categories: Zero Cabin Waste Project|

Gonzalo Blanca, responsible for the Life Cycle Analysis of catering waste management within Zero Cabin Waste, defended the Thesis Plan at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia on February 20 and was able to face the [...]