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Implementation of separation on board on international flights

Since April 1, long-haul Iberia flights (flights with international destinations with a duration of more than 8 hours) have selective waste collection on board.The cabin crew has incorporated a series of good practices to classify the waste generated during the flight, mainly derived from the catering service. For this, the equipment already available on the [...]

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LIFE Zero Cabin Waste Consortium Meeting

On Monday, March 25, a new follow-up meeting of the LIFE Zero Cabin Waste Project took place. On this occasion, the meeting took place at the headquarters of Ecoembes in Madrid and was attended by representatives of the partners of the consortium: Iberia, Gate Gourmet, Ferrovial and Ecoembes in person and ESCI-UPF through video [...]

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Networking with Balearia

On March 20, during the training for the implementation of selective collection on the Balearia Regina Baltic ferry, Nieves Sanz from Ecoembes presented the Zero Cabin Waste Project, as an example of how to improve waste management in the field of transport of passengers. Presentation of LIFE ZCW in Regina Baltica Ferry of Balearia [...]

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Latest modifications of the bucket for selective collection on board

On October 9, 2018, the separation of waste was implemented aboard Iberia's short and medium-haul flights, specifically 20 flights per day. For this purpose, there were 20 waste trolleys with a modified inner bucket with a central bar that allowed to place two bags to classify the waste.After several months, it has been possible to [...]

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New bags for recyclable waste

After the classification of waste carried out by Iberia crew during the flight, the waste trolley arrives at Gate Gourmet facilities, where the staff removes the bags with the different waste. At this point, it must be easy to identify the contents of the bag, so that it can be deposited in the appropriate compactor.With [...]

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Presentation of the Thesis Plan. “Life cycle analysis of cabin waste management in the aviation sector”

Gonzalo Blanca, responsible for the Life Cycle Analysis of catering waste management within Zero Cabin Waste, defended the Thesis Plan at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia on February 20 and was able to face the last year of the doctorate program.In the presentation, Gonzalo explained what the LIFE Zero Cabin Waste project consists of and [...]

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Participation in SETAC Europe 2019

From May 26 to 30, 2019 the SETAC Europe 29th Annual Meeting symposium is held in Helsinki under the motto One Environment. One Health. Sustainable Societies.SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to support the development of practices for protection, enhancement and management of sustainable environmental quality [...]

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Treatment of the waste generated on board

The waste is separated in the cabin of Iberia aircraft in recyclable (packaging and paper) and non-recyclable (other waste), and unloaded in the catering of Gate Gourmet. The staff removes the two different bags of the trolleys and deposits them in the compactors where the waste is collected.On the one hand, the packaging and the [...]

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Scope of the Life ZCW project in Social Networks during 2018

The partners of the LIFE Zero Cabin Waste Project consortium use social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter to make the actions and advances of the project more visible.The publications with the most impact usually contains audiovisual material of the project, as well as news about meetings or events of special relevance such as the Conference [...]

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Networking with Air Nostrum to promote the selective collection on waste on board

On February 19th, Iberia welcomed Air Nostrum at its facilities in La Muñoza to present them the new waste bin developed by the Zero Cabin Waste for the selective collection of waste on board. Air Nostrum, an Iberia Group’s airline, is involved in several projects to reduce the environmental impact of its operation, being one [...]

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