During these past weeks, the Zero Cabin Waste partners have held several meeting with the aim of defining the actions that have to be developed in order to finish the preparatory actions. The last meeting took place on June 22th, 2017 at Ferrovial facilities in Fuenlabrada.

During this preparatory phase, information about the type of waste that is generated in Iberia’s planes has been gathered. This information has allowed us to design an action protocol for the start-up of the recycling process, for the treatment of Cat.1 and Cat 3. wastes.

In addition, with the goal of obtaining information about waste management techniques that are been done in the aviation field, questionnaires have been created and sent to stakeholders. Likewise, Life Cycle Assessment studies related to catering and aviation fields have been analyzed, gathering as much information as possible in order to define our actuation plan.

In the same way, lines of work were defined for the following months, in order to be able to start the implementation actions of the project. During the first two weeks of July, while taking advantages of Iberia’s tricompartment trolleys availability, the protocol for Cat.3 waste will be implemented in 6 EU flights. After this trial phase, the inconvenient that the cabin crew may have had during the implementation of the protocol will be discuss (trolley type, compartment identification, etc). Afterwards, Ferrovial with Ecoembes’ assistant, will inspect the different waste that the cabin crew has classify (recoverable waste, no-recoverable waste, paper). The results of this trial phase will be relevant to finish defining the type of trolley that will be used for the management of Cat.3 waste.

Furthermore, during this time, initial meetings were held with the chiefs of Iberia cabin crew, informing them of the designed procedures. During the implantation of these protocols, meeting will be kept hold with the different parties involved in the project with the aim of avoiding incidents and keep analyzing the evolution of the project.