Last Friday, September 15th, all partners of the Zero Cabin Waste project met to plan and review the status of the actions to develop and see the status of the rest. In relation to the implementation phases, the most immediate to develop is the training of Iberia’s cabin crew and Gate Gourmet staff on the new Protocol for separation and collection of waste, so that each of the parties involved in its application receive a specific training to facilitate its implementation.

In the case of the crew of Iberia, they will receive the training through different channels:

  • Face-to-face courses: training for the pursers this autumn (October and November).

  • Online material: It is planned to start in October with an online Training Plan, which will be updated every 3 months.

  • Workshops: these are voluntary activities where the crew sign up on their days off. They have a high impact on attendees and small activities are usually done to raise awareness on certain issues.

  • Roadshows: Crew must pass through this room before their flights. This space will be used to place information documents that summarized the protocol of separation of the residues in the aircraft. In addition, these posters will be reinforced with the presence of trainers to clarify doubts that may arise.

Ecoembes is currently working on the design of communication material that supports this training action.

In addition, the meeting was also marked by the presence of the two last additions to the project, Marina Garcia Aedo of Iberia, who arrived at the project a few months ago, and Paula Chamorro López of Ferrovial, who just landed. Here is a small review:

  • Marina G. Aedo graduate in Environmental Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and specialized in detection and correction of impacts and currently doing a Master in Decision Making and Innovation. She is working in the Environmental Department of Iberia’s Production Direction and developing the implementation of the Project in Iberia.

  • Paula Chamorro holds a degree in Geology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and currently doing a Master’s Degree in Waste Management and Treatment from the University of Cadiz. She has recently been assigned as a technician for the Life + “Zero Cabin Waste Project”.