During the month of October the training of the cabin crew of Iberia is taking place. This training has been included within the Course of Communication Plan of Heads Flight Attendants and there will be a total of 16 sessions in which 320 flight attendants will be formed. These cabin chiefs will be responsible for transmitting the separation protocol to cabin assistants.

These trainings are intended for Iberia staff to know the ZCW Project and its main objectives, as well as how to separate the different kind of wastes on board in the enabled compartments: recyclables (plastic packaging, cans and cartons and glass packaging), non-recyclable and paper-board. In addition, it is highlighted during the session the environmental benefits that entails good separation at source.

Collaboration of cabin crew is key to the implementation of the selective collection system on board, since correctly depositing the waste makes it possible to recycle them and obtain new products, allowing to close the circle.

On the other hand, at the session held on October 17th, Ecoembes was invited to the training to give a first feedback to Iberia on how they are transmitting the different technical aspects related to the project.