The second test of the waste separation protocol using the new tri-compartmented trolley prototype will take place over the next days on 8 Iberia flights:

  • 16.11.17  Madrid – Barcelona – Madrid.

  • 17.11.17  Madrid – Lisbon – Madrid

  • 21.11.17  Madrid – Vienna – Madrid

  • 24.11.17  Madrid – Paris – Madrid

In this test, unlike the first, trolleys with a bucket divided into three compartments of different sizes will be used, leaving the space distributed as follows: 50% recyclable, 25% paper, 25% non-recyclable. In addition, these compartments will be labeled following the usual national color signage: recyclable – mostly packaging – = yellow, paper = blue, non-recyclable = gray.

The main objective of this testing phase is to evaluate the suitability of the separation protocol and the new trolley prototype. For this, the quantity and quality of the separated waste will be observed once the trolleys arrive at the Gate Gourmet facilities and the crew feedback will be obtained. Specifically, in the instructions provided to pursers of each flight it is requested that the crew mainly assess the following aspects:

  • Ease to follow the separation protocol in 3 fractions of waste, both in economy class and in business. Detail of the inconveniences found

  • Observe if the size of the compartments is suitable.

  • Record any doubts that may arise (identification of compartments, where to deposit any waste, etc.)

Thanks to this test it is expected to be able to reach the final prototype of the trolley that will be implanted in short and medium haul flights (national and European Union), that is, for Category 3 waste.