On February 7th, the first training of trainers framed within the B1 action of the Life + Zero Cabin Waste project was carried out in Gate Gourmet facilities. It was attended by those responsible for the departments with the most involvement in the project:

  • Cleaning of the facilities.

  • Loading dock and washing train, where the trolleys are received with the waste generated in the flights and cleaned.

  • Transportation, those in charge of moving the trolleys from the plane to the facilities.

  • Compliance, responsible for the environment and coordinators of the Life + ZCW project in Gate Gourmet.

The training focused on explaining the Life + ZCW Project and the importance of caring for the environment, indicating operationally what will be the most important changes in each department, as well as trying to increase the involvement of those responsible.

It is expected that, after this training, the heads of each department can train their employees, and ensure that all the people involved in the project are clear about their role and what will be achieved through ZCW.