On February 28, Alberto Caldeiro, Manager of the Ecoembes Recycling and Collection Department, presented the Life+ Zero Cabin Waste Project in the Master in Sustainable Waste Management at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, which has 18 students in this edition.

Alberto explained how to implement the selective collection of packaging and paper-cardboard waste in different areas outside of the household collection (shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, sports centers, transportation, etc.), highlighting the Life + Zero Cabin Waste Project, in which the waste collection will be done separately inside the cabin of the aircraft.

In the first place, the main objectives of the LIFE+ ZCW Project were highlighted in terms of reducing the generation of waste, recycling 80% of waste and saving in greenhouse gas emissions. Afterwards, the planned waste management operations were explained: separation of waste on the plane, unloading at the catering company and processing at the different sorting and recycling plants.

Additionally, next March 8, a visit to the Ferrovial plant is scheduled, in which Iberia’s waste is treated, so that students can see how the Cat. 3 waste received at the facility is processed.