The work of restructuring the area of ​​compactors of GG has been completed, allowing a much more efficient separation of waste generated in flights and catering. The completion of the work has suffered a slight delay compared to the initial forecast due to the rains that have been present in Madrid during these last months.

Taking advantage of the improvement of this area, a series of training sessions have been carried out by Alberto García and Juan Fernando Martín to the personnel involved in the waste management within the catering, to improve the separation at source. In addition, Alberto and Juan Fer, have done follow-up in the area of ​​compactors during the first days clarifying any doubts that may arise.

It is expected that, with this new action, the waste deposited correctly in the packaging compactor and in the carton compactor increases. This will increase the level of recycling of the catering and, therefore, reduce the remaining fraction, being able to reduce as well the carbon footprint associated with this type of waste.