On March 8, the students of the Master in Sustainable Waste Management at the Polytechnic University of Madrid had the opportunity to visit the Ferrovial facilities in Fuenlabrada where the Gate Gourmet waste arrives, coming from the catering of Iberia’s flights.

In the master class taught on Wednesday March 7, Eduardo Saez, specialist technician of waste in Ecoembes, advanced the students the general operation of the Ferrovial waste sorting plant. Then, during the visit, Daniel de la Cerra, Manager of Treatment Plants in Ferrovial, explained in detail the waste classification process showing the different equipment (ballistic separator, optics, magnetic separator, etc.).

Subsequently, Rubén Perales of Ferrovial explained to the students how it is expected to treat the Category 1 waste on a pilot scale, through a process of sterilization / pasteurization and subsequent anaerobic digestion. The students could see the prototype of the biodigestor that will be used for the pilot test, in which it is expected to process about 4 kg of organic matter per day and then prove the harmlessness of the digest obtained.