On March 21 a meeting took place at the Total Petrochemicals Iberica offices in Barcelona between Pere Fullana, Alba Bala and Aídem Civancik of ESCI-UPF, presenting the Life + Zero Cabin Waste project, and Alejandro Bartolomé and Antoni Guinovart of Total Petrochemicals Iberica, presenting the project Life EPS Sure.

The Life EPS SURE project aims to put into practice circular economy criteria in the context of plastics, through an innovative project to transform fish boxes of expanded polystyrene (EPS) into new polystyrene (PS) packaging for food.

The point of interest of this project for LZCW is twofold. On one hand, the verification of the possibility of being able to give a second life to the plastic material recovered from the waste in the cabin of the aircraft, to close the cycle, and, on the other hand, the possibility that the suppliers of packaging for catering can use in a future secondary PS for the manufacture of their packaging. For the EPS SURE consortium, cabin waste could be a new source of plastic waste from which secondary plastic materials can be obtained. A future collaboration could reinforce and improve the results of LZCW as well as extend those of EPS SURE to other materials.