Last Monday, April 23rd, Marina Garcia of Iberia and Nieves Sanz of Ecoembes visited AIMPLAS, the Plastic Technology Institute located in Valencia, where two LIFE Projects are being developed, both of them related to the improvement of packaging waste management: LIFE Recypack and LIFE Ecomethylal.

Eva Verdejo and Sonia Albein of the Department of Sustainability and Industrial Valorization and Aurelio Lazaro of the Department of Project Management of AIMPLAS, presented the starting point of both LIFE projects and their current status. LIFE Recypack tries to propose a system of collection of plastic waste in the commercial sector, where plastic waste of large volume is usually generated, being difficult to assimilate by household collection. And the objective of LIFE Ecomethylal is to value non-recyclable plastic waste, obtaining metilal, a chemical agent with high solvent power used in different products.

On the other hand, the representatives of LIFE Zero Cabin Waste were able to explain the origin of this project and the latest advances: training of Iberia and GG personnel and how different tests are being done to find a suitable trolley design for the crew.

Finally, Marina y Nieves had the opportunity to visit the facilities of AIMPLAS with laboratories where different plastic materials are studied to respond to the needs of sectors as diverse as agriculture, food, automotive, health or construction.

AIMPLAS plans to organize a meeting day between different LIFE Projects in October to share progress, as well as to find synergies.

For more information about these projects you can visit their website at the following links: