Last Tuesday, June 12, Sandra Fernandez, student of the Master in Sustainable Waste Management at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, presented her Master’s Thesis: “Improvement in the management of waste produced in the cabin of aircraft.”

Sandra is developing this work, supervised by Nieves Sanz de Ecoembes, which proposes how to implement selective collection on board in domestic and European flights when the waste is removed from the plane by a cleaning company, and not received in the catering (as in the case of Zero Cabin Waste).

Sandra is currently working in a cleaning company that is dedicated precisely to this task: to prepare the cabin for the next flight cleaning and removing the waste. Thanks to the information collected through her company and the Zero Cabin Waste data, Sandra has been able to develop this proposal.

This Master’s Thesis is another example of the replication potential of Zero Cabin Waste, being adapted to different contexts.