The ESCI-UPF colleagues joined the 2018 Science Festival, which was held on June 9 and 10 in the Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona, ​​giving the workshop “Know the impact of the footprint of our diet”.

In this 25-minute workshop, given by Laura Batlle and Gonzalo Blanca, ESCI-UPF scientists, this situation was posed to attendees: “Imagine you are flying on an airplane and you have to make decisions about the catering menu, taking into account the carbon footprint associated with the food before selecting an option “.

Through this activity Gonzalo Blanca, responsible for the development of the Life Cycle Analysis within the Life Zero Cabin Waste, was able to present the environmental impacts associated with the generation and management of air catering waste studied within the Life project.

In this way, an audience of around 40 people of all ages had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the environmental impacts of food and discover the Life Zero Cabin Waste Project.

The content of this article has been extracted from the publication of the Unesco Chair of Life Cycle and Climate Change of ESCI-UPF, here you can find the full story Decenas de visitantes descubren la relación entre alimentación y medio ambiente en el Festival de la Ciencia.