Last Thursday, July 12, the installation of the biomethanization prototype was completed in the space provided in the Ferrovial Packaging Sorting Plant in Fuenlabrada. It is a small prototype that has two anaerobic digesters of 100L capacity, reception tanks, transfer pumps, agitators and, in general, all the necessary instrumentation to guarantee an exhaustive control of the process. In addition, it has a control system that allows the execution of tasks in an unattended way.

Iván Barredo, component of Biogas Fuel Cell S.A., was responsible for the installation of the prototype. The vacuum loading tests have been completed successfully, so everything has been prepared to start the biological process, in which through an inoculum of microorganisms will start the process for the treatment of organic waste.

The anaerobic digestion process, together with the previous stage of sanitation (sterilization), is the treatment that is expected to be applied to category 1 SANDACH residues originated in international non-EU flights (outside the European Union).

In the next few weeks, the trainings that Iván Barredo will give to the Ferrovial workers in relation to the operation of the biomethanization prototype will be defined.