Due to the imminent implementation of the separation of waste on board at Iberia’s national and European flights, several trainings are being carried out for the workers involved in waste management in the Gate Gourmet catering.

While in previous training, the LIFE ZCW Project was presented and the aim was to improve the internal management of catering waste, this time it is about transmitting the guidelines to follow with the new waste trolley. This one has a two-compartment bucket that allows to separate the recyclable waste (packaging and paper) from the non recyclable waste.

Training for drivers

Training for wash train personnel

Alberto Garcia and Juan Fernando Martin, technicians of LIFE Zero Cabin Waste of Gate Gourmet, have been in charge of training the different groups involved, which are mainly these:

  • Drivers: They are responsible for transporting the empty waste trolley to the plane, and after unloading it full, to take it back to the Gate Gourmet facilities.

  • Wash train personnel: They are responsible for managing the waste when it arrives at the facilities. From now on, they will take care of removing and managing the two bags separately, instead of one.

In this way the employees have been able to familiarize themselves with the new trolley and how to manage it.