On October 9, waste selective collection was implemented in Iberia’s domestic and European flights. The new Two-compartments Waste Trolley allows to sort the recyclable waste (packaging and paper –cardboard) and the non-recyclable waste.

After two months of implementation, the waste of more than 125 domestic and European flights has been analyzed in Gate Gourmet facilities. More than 60% of waste in weight that contains the Waste Trolley is deposited in the recyclable compartment, making possible its management and recycling.

In addition, the evaluation carried out at a visual level shows that the quality of the sorting made by the cabin crew is well done in general.

On the other hand, 38% of the waste in weight is deposited in the non-recyclable compartment and, in this case, the presence of written press stands out. So, in this sense, would be room for improvement, since newspapers should be deposited in the part of recyclables by the crew to make possible its recycling.

During these months of implementation, almost one ton of waste has been recovered for recycling thanks to the sorting on board of a total of almost 1.5 ton of the waste produced in the Waste Trolley flow.