Thanks to this website, created to disseminate the Zero Cabin Waste Project, it is shown the progress made in the context of the project week by week, the impact on the press as well as different dissemination materials and presentations are available.  In 2018, 52 news were published on the web and more than 40 articles in Spanish and other languages show the impact of the project in general press.  

If we look at the scope of the website in 2018, a total of 10,174 visits were received from 3,094 users and the average visit time was 2 minutes and 23 seconds.

Regarding the location of the users, 32% – specifically 1,004 – were in Spain, 14% in France, 6% in the United States, 5% in the United Kingdom, 4% in Germany and the 3% in Belgium and Ireland. It is remarkable, the interest that the project arouses in different countries in the European Union.

Location of users of the Zero Cabin Waste website in 2018.

If we focus on the 1,004 users in Spain, the main users location by cities are: Madrid (504), Barcelona (107), Valencia (24) and (Zaragoza).

Location of users of the Zero Cabin Waste website in in 2018 nationwide.