On May 27, a first meeting was held through a video call with four representatives of the DIGESTAIR Project, which is developed within the framework of the Horizon 2020 call of the European Commission.

The DIGESTAIR Project proposes to treat the waste generated in the cabin of the aircraft through a digester that is incorporated into the aircraft itself, taking into account the environment and the conditions in which it is installed.

Thanks to this system, wastewater and organic cabin waste will be managed, valorizing it in the airplane itself and reducing the waste generated.

During the meeting we could see that there is a great potential for collaboration between LIFE Zero Cabin Waste and Project H2020 DIGESTAIR. For example, within the Zero Cabin Waste, the generation of cabin waste derived from the catering service has been studied in depth and the procedures followed usually by the crew to collect the waste are known. These and other data may be useful as starting data for DIGESTAIR.

The collaboration between the two projects will continue in the coming months.