The VII International Life Cycle Assessment Conference in Latin America (CILCA 2019) will be held between July 15 and 20 in Cartago, Costa Rica. This conference tries to promote the life cycle approach and its applications to achieve sustainable development in business, academic, administrative and consumer activity.

In the program scheduled for July 18, within the Resources, circular economy block, a paper framed in LIFE ZCW is exposed: Airplane catering and catering waste: a life cycle look. Authors: Gonzalo Blanca, Alba Bala, Marina Garcia, Nieves Sanz, Nieves de Castro, Pablo Rodriguez, Dr. Pere Fulana-i-Palmer.

This paper shows Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results already obtained related to the project. The current catering waste management and the catering tableware CO2 eq. emissions were calculated. It was found out, thanks to LCA, that an increase in CO2 eq. emissions in the aviation sector would happen if single-use plastic cutlery were substituted for reusable metal one as a result of the new European regulations on single-use plastics.