The implementation of the ZCW model in Gate Gourmet facilities means a change of habits for workers when it comes to managing waste. Therefore, as any change in habits, it requires constancy, so motivation and ongoing training is key.

In this sense, Gate Gourmet regularly conducts follow-up actions and awareness activities for the staff most involved in the project. On July 15, a survey was conducted to know how the staff of each department manages their waste, remembering the objectives and goals of the ZCW project, as well as the results obtained to date. A total of 163 workers participated in the survey.

The survey was focused on how to make an effective segregation of waste generated in the catering, as well as in which compactor should be deposited each type of waste so that it can be recycled more efficiently. Thanks to the answers obtained, an action plan will be carried out to improve waste management in catering.

Juan Fernando Martin (GG), Alberto Garcia (GG) and Nieves Sanz (Ecoembes) together with the announcement of the activity for the staff.

Should be highlighted employees participation during the survey, expressing their doubts related to waste sorting and exposing their ideas to contribute to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste generated.

All participants who have completed the survey have received ZCW promotional material, a yellow container – pen holders or a pen, inviting them to visit ZCW web and follow all the news of the project.

Collection point of the survey responses