One of the pillars of the LIFE Zero Cabin Waste project is the ability to replicate the recycling system we have designed in other companies and other countries. For this reason, we were contacted by “Forum For The Future”, a non-profit organization based in Singapore, which works together with companies, administrations, and civil society to accelerate a shift towards a more sustainable future.

During our first contact, they were very interested in the consortium that we had created among such different companies to achieve the same goal and, since then, we have held several meetings to exchange information so that they could act as intermediaries with other airlines or catering to replicate our model at international level.

All this effort paid off by contacting SATS, one of Singapore’s largest air catering which operated in 14 regions and has more than 70 years of experience.

In the next few days, we will meet with SATS to present the project and the management model that we propose, inviting them to visit  the Gate Gourmet facilities so they can see the separation process that we perform within the LIFE ZCW and thus be able to replicate it in their facilities.