Last June, an article on the LIFE Zero Cabin Waste project was published in Ronda magazine of Iberia, on page 76.

This magazine is available in all Iberia flights, in the front seat pocket. In total 8,369 domestic, European and international flights of Iberia have this publication during June, reaching out 1,649,477 passengers.

The article was published in Spanish and English and this was its content: Zero Cabin Waste is a pioneering project in the airline industry and Iberia is taking part in it along with Biogas Fuel Cell, ESCI-UPF, Ecoembes, Ferrovial and Gate Gourmet. The project’s goal is to improve the management of both recyclable and organic waste generated by the airplanes’ food service. Thanks to its implementation, Iberia will be able to recycle 80 percent of the waste generated in the cabins on its flights. This will avoid emitting 4,340 tonnes of CO2 a year – equivalent to the emission of 340 Madrid – Barcelona flights.