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LIFE Zero Cabin Waste Consortium Meeting

A follow-up meeting of the LIFE Zero Cabin Waste Project took place on Friday, November 8. The meeting was at Ferrovial's offices in Fuenlabrada and representatives of the different partners of the consortium attended: Iberia, Gate Gourmet, ESCI-UPF, Ferrovial, Ecoembes and Transfer Consultancy.The main objective of the meeting was to know the technical and administrative [...]

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ZCW seminar for students of the environmental science degree of the university of Alcalá

Next Thursday, November 14th, Patricia Zamora (Ecoembes) and Juan Fernando Martín-Romacho (Gate Gourmet) will present the ZCW project to students of the degree of Environmental Sciences of the University of Alcalá. The talk is part of the program "Ambiéntate", which aims to bring to the students of the degree how, professionals in the sector, [...]

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Food waste management taking off?

On October 2nd, Madison Wright, a student of “Master of Science in Environmental Management & Policy” de la Universidad de Lund (Suecia), presented his thesis “FOOD WASTE MANAGEMENT TAKING OFF? Exploring prevention and treatment strategies of food waste in the airline industry:A case study on SAS”The purpose of this thesis was to:“To understand the underlying [...]

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Category 1 residue innocuousness tests

One of the most important steps in applying for the authorization of the alternative treatment method of Category 1 and 3 is to demonstrate, through safety testing, that the residue to be treated poses no risk to humans and animal health, in case it is transferred remotely to the food chain.An accredited laboratory has been [...]

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The Zero Cabin Waste in The New York Times

Thanks to the scientific paper written by ESCI-UPF, Airplane cabin waste characterization: Knowing the waste for sustainable Management and future recommendations, about the first characterizations carried out within the LIFE Zero Cabin Waste project, The New York Times has known about the project.Last October 11th, this well-known newspaper published an article in which the current [...]

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Forum For the Future

One of the pillars of the LIFE Zero Cabin Waste project is the ability to replicate the recycling system we have designed in other companies and other countries. For this reason, we were contacted by "Forum For The Future", a non-profit organization based in Singapore, which works together with companies, administrations, and civil society to [...]

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BBC News mentioned the ZCW as a simple forward a more sustainable aircraft

October 7th, Katie Prescott, a BBC News journalist, published a new about the materials that composes the meal trays served on flights, in addition to other products offered during them.Altogether, it entails the impact of 5.7million waste tonnes per year, according to her research. To increase the awareness of this matter, it is mentioned an [...]

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Participation in the 2nd edition of The Go! SDS 2020 Appreciations

Last October 3rd, the consortium submitted the LIFE Project ZCW for the nomination of the 2ndedition of The go! SDS 2020 Appreciations, what aims to recognize and support innovative projects that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.These global goals, which were adopted on September 25th 2015 by the UN General Assembly, set specific [...]

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VII AECOC Meeting Point against Food Waste

As mentioned in previous news, on September 26th the "VII AECOC Meeting Point against Food Waste" was held in Madrid, bringing together more than 400 experts to discuss about an important topic: How to prevent our food from ending up in the bin.Gonzalo Blanca from ESCI-UPF and Juan Fernando Martín from Gate Gourmet, participants in [...]

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If you give a can to an airline stewardess, where do you think they will throw it?

Last Thursday, 26th September, Ecoembes published another question in its Instagram and Twitter profile about the ZCW Project, with the aim of understanding how much their followers know about the project.The question was referred to know where is thought that airline stewardess will throw a can, to the solid waste or to the light packaging [...]

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