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New press release

On August 2, Ecoembes launched a press release “Recycling is also easy on vacation”, which highlights different places that we usually visit during our holidays and where we can sort our waste so that it can be recycled.The press release explains the selective collection of waste made at music festivals, amusement parks, hotels, and on [...]

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Publication of LIFE ZCW second paper

On July 15, the paper Airplane cabin waste characterization: knowing the waste for sustainable management and future recommendations was published in the Waste Management magazine. The person responsible of writing the paper was Gonzalo Blanca, researcher at ESCI - UPF, with the support of the different partners involved in the project. This is the [...]

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Awareness action in Gate Gourmet

The implementation of the ZCW model in Gate Gourmet facilities means a change of habits for workers when it comes to managing waste. Therefore, as any change in habits, it requires constancy, so motivation and ongoing training is key.In this sense, Gate Gourmet regularly conducts follow-up actions and awareness activities for the staff most involved [...]

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Presentation of LIFE ZCW in CILCA 2019

The VII International Life Cycle Assessment Conference in Latin America (CILCA 2019) will be held between July 15 and 20 in Cartago, Costa Rica. This conference tries to promote the life cycle approach and its applications to achieve sustainable development in business, academic, administrative and consumer activity. In the program scheduled for July 18, [...]

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Publication in the Ronda magazine

Last June, an article on the LIFE Zero Cabin Waste project was published in Ronda magazine of Iberia, on page 76. This magazine is available in all Iberia flights, in the front seat pocket. In total 8,369 domestic, European and international flights of Iberia have this publication during June, reaching out 1,649,477 passengers. The [...]

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Meeting with Air France for the replication of LIFE ZCW

On July 2 Gategourmet held a meeting with Air France and Servair (a catering company belonging to Gategroup) to explain what the waste management model proposed in LIFE ZCW consists of and how this model could be replicated in Air France.Throughout the meeting the protocol for the segregation on board by the cabin crew and [...]

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Visit of the European Commission

On June 25 and 26 we received the visit of Aurelio Napolitano, representative of the Life Program of the European Commission, and Raquel Naverrete of NEEMO, both of them are in charge of the monitoring of LIFE Zero Cabin Waste.The main objective of the visit was to check the last year progress in the project, [...]

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New promotional material from ZCW

In order to reward and motivate the Gate Gourmet workers who participate in the day-to-day management of catering waste and in the Zero Cabin Waste project, a new promotional material has been produced. This material will be delivered in an awareness-raising action that will take place next July in the catering facilities.The promotional material is [...]

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Meeting of the Life ZCW Management Consortium

On June 14, a new follow-up meeting of the LIFE ZCW Project took place at the Gate Gourmet facilities in La Muñoza. The meeting was attended by representatives of Iberia, Ecoembes, ESCI-UPF, Ferrovial and Gate Gourmet.The objective of this meeting was to prepare the visit of the Project Adviser of the LIFE Program of the [...]

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Dissemination of LIFE ZCW for the World Environment Day

On the occasion of the World Environment Day, which takes place on June 5, Iberia has carried out a series of actions to publicize the different measures they have implemented in line with its commitment to the environment. These dissemination actions are, among others: press release with videos recorded by the employees, reports on [...]

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